Boisdale Hall

3810 Grand Narrows Highway, Boisdale, NS

Scottish Gaelic "Baghasdail". Most of the people who settled at Boisdale and the adjacent areas along the southern shores of St. Andrews Channel came from the western islands of Scotland ,particularly the islands of South Uist. and Barra. They were mostly farmers and fishermen with centuries of experience learned from their forefathers, while some were very skilled as carpenters shipwrights and blacksmiths. Some of them spoke only Gaelic,some spoke both Gaelic and English and some could read and write in both languages. A lot of the oral history, music, songs and poems which had been committed to memory after Culloden came with them and their culture fluorished as they contributed greatly to the building of a new life in a new country. These people were descended from the ancient Celts who at one time were spread all over Europe. The ancient Celts lived in clans , each one ruled by it's own Chief. The Celtic race gave itself the name CELTAE . They were the first known inhabitants of Europe, having spread there from Asia at some unknown time. The early Greeks called them keltoi meaning secretive as the Greeks apparently understood very little about them. The Celts worshiped the earth , moon , sun , and the stars. In their music, stories , poetry , and songs we can see reflected the things that they held to be important : nature , their gods , goddesses , ancestors , as well as events in their own lives. Nothing was written down but their bards , poets , and musicians demonstrated an amazing capacity for remembering their arts with fastidious attention to detail.

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Concert at Boisdale Hall

Friday July 5th
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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