Men of the Deeps

Men of the Deeps
Glace Bay

Formed in 1966, the group has a mandate to preserve the traditional music and folklore of the Canadian Maritimes and particularly the Cape Breton region. To belong to the singing group, a man must have worked in the mine. The ages of the men range from the late-thirties to the upper seventies. Their repertoire includes traditional songs of Cape Breton; modern, authored songs by Cape Breton songwriters; and songs arising from mining regions throughout the English-speaking world. Their style is decidedly working-class, but this obvious class-consciousness is not overtly political. The Men of the Deeps have toured most of the major cities in North America and they have released several albums on the Apex,Waterloo and Atlantica record labels. The group has appeared on numerous television programs including National Film Board of Canada short film featuring it in performance and a 2003 documentary, which won a Gemini Award.In 1977, the group became the first Canadian musical ensemble to tour the Peoples Republic of China. In 1999, they went to Kosovo and performed a concert on behalf of the United Nations Children's Fund. Dressed in the miners' garb of coveralls and hard hats, they make an impressive impact when they enter a concert hall in total darkness with their helmet lamps providing the only light.

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