Mary Beth Carty

Lanark, Antigonish County’s Mary Beth Carty is known for her passionate, memorable voice, which earned her a nomination for Traditional Singer of the Year at the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards. Also a solid instrumentalist, she plays guitar, accordion, and musical bones, adding a unique twist to any band she joins! Mary Beth loves visiting provincial music archives and scouring old books to find forgotten gems, digging deep into Acadian, Scottish, and Canadian folklore. A full-time musician, Mary Beth has performed throughout Canada, Europe, and was even invited by the Canadian Embassy to perform in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Mary Beth has developed a percussive guitar style in DADGAD tuning, which has earned her invitations to perform and record with fiddlers Gillian Boucher, Ashley MacIsaac, Howie MacDonald, Gillian Head, Robert Deveaux, Ward MacDonald, Shannon Quinn, and Donald MacLennan. Her debut album Les biens-nommés was nominated at the 2018 ECMAs and 2017 Nova Scotia Music Awards.

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