College Connections

Wednesday July 5th
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
$25 All ages
Colaisde na GĂ idhlig | The Gaelic College
51779 Cabot Trail, St. Ann's
Tickets available at Gaelic College Craft Shop 902-295-3441 and online

Over the College's long 78 year history, more than a few connections and friendships have been made! Tonight we celebrate some of those ties with groups, instructors, and students all taking the stage. Nuallan, the piping ensemble, was a Gaelic College initiative from about 5 years back created with a focus on the dynamic traditional dance style of playing. And where there are pipes, there best be dancers! Fileanta came to be soon after Nuallan, primarily made up of College staff members. With a focus on synchronicity and bringing to life a variety of square sets from across the island, Fileanta are always a welcomed addition to the evening. The Cape Breton Fiddlers often call the College home base, as we're the site of many a practice and party, and their annual Fiddlers' Festival. Dominique has been a familiar face here for well over a decade and has been traveling up from Vermont to study and teach harp with us year after year. We're thrilled to have her in the spotlight as a performer this time, showcasing her incredible harp and vocal skills. Brienne MacDonald is our featured youth performer for the night, and will get our toes tapping with some lively pipe tunes.